Hot Barbeque Recipes

February 7th, 2016
Thai BBQ or Barbaque Chicken Recipes What makes Thai BBQ chicken recipes so delicious? It is all the wonderful and unique spices and ingredients that are used to deliver a flavor that are taste buds enjoy. These recipes are wonderful and give us a new view of how we look at barbeque sauces. You will learn once you begin to try other countries bbq recipes that many spices and ingredients can make delectable sauces that everyone will love. This first Thai BBQ chicken recipe will give you an idea ...
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Don't Trade Your Dreams For Peanuts

February 6th, 2016
Recently, I had the chance to see part of the movie Collateral. In it, actor Jaimie Foxx plays a cab driver named Max who happens to pick up the wrong customer one night. That customer is Vincent, a hit man played by Tom Cruise. I found one bit of dialogue from the movie very interesting. In one particular scene, Max is describing his future plans to start his own Limo business. He boasts that driving a cab is just a temporary transition until the timing is right to begin this dream of his. As ...
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Canada Plays China Card

February 5th, 2016
Trade friction and energy leverage has led to an unprecedented Canadian policy of "speak loudly and carry a big piece of lumber" policy towards the United States. The long running dispute over American tariffs on Canadian lumber escalated to the point last week that Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin indirectly linked settlement with continued U.S. access to Canadian energy supplies. Meanwhile, Canadian Natural Resources Minister John McCallum was off to China to meet with Chinese oil, mining ...
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Don't Overpay for a House, Even in Today's Market

February 4th, 2016
If there's one thing American investors love, it's an over-inflated market. Which is why they keep buying houses and new ones keep coming onto the market. According to the latest data, housing starts rose an annualized 3.4% in September, matching a 17-year high. Whoo-ha! Go, baby go. I wonder if the people buying these houses, for ever-rising prices, are the same people who couldn't get enough stock at $100 or Lucent shares for $75? Having been burned in the stock market, I guess ...
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An Immortal Horse

February 1st, 2016
AN IMMORTAL HORSE? Egyptian scholars know there is little other than fiction that can be written about the civilization that lived on the banks of the Nile in far more recent times than the beginning of the 'Old Copper Culture'. All these things are related and the old fictions are replaceable with the story of a worldwide culture with trading posts in each and every part of the world. Is there any remnant of cultural pride in Iran that treats the ancient metallurgists of their region with a ...
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Fraud - Museum of Civilization (?)

January 31st, 2016
ECUADOREAN POTTERY OF JOMON, JAPANESE DESIGN AND STYLE: - We mentioned this briefly in the General Introduction. Jomon state is where the Ainu are to this day. There are few pure blood Ainu and one author says these people were the Shoguns. They are white people . Kennewick Man may be Ainu and that is another fraud with the same purpose in mind. The issue is one of deceit because the Canadian Museum of Civilization (sounds fishy to begin with) said in their handsome 1989 book ...
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Girly cars

January 30th, 2016
Your car is often a large and important investment and you should therefore make sure that it reflects your own personality in every aspect. If you are a girly-girl you should have a girly car! Fortunately, it is not hard to transform even a macho-macho a car into a girly-girly vehicle and turn it into the perfect accessory. If your car is a boring black or ugly brown thing, you can naturally have it repainted to a more girly colour such as pink, cerise or lilac. This can however be quite ...
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The Prehistoric Brotherhood Mining in Lake Superior

January 28th, 2016
Lord Renfrew, Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University states: "Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. What has come as a considerable shock, a development hardly foreseeable just a few years ago, is that prehistory, as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid…" Table of Contents: CHAPTER ONE: From ‘Hell’ ...
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The Irish Issue

January 27th, 2016
The expertise and advancement of the evolution of man and his culture is evident in one area only - that of propaganda and lying. They have learned how to suck and blow simultaneously out of every orifice of their bodies. Deceit, black ops (e.g. Kennewick Man), 'hide the ball' (e.g. the confusing array of Pyramid explanations) and secret agencies of advanced skill and esoteric expertise in all social structures that allow us to be 'managed'. JFK, Watergate, Iran/Contra or Ritalin, the ...
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Find Out The Benefits of Coconut Water

January 26th, 2016
Very rarely do you find a beverage that is both tasty and healthy. Coconut water is one such beverage. The very fruit is so useful, then just imagine how useful would the water obtained from it be. There are many benefits of this healthy drink. In this article let me tell you about some of the many benefits of coconut water. Find why coconut water is the most advisable drink to opt for when you are thirsty.This tropical drink has a calming and soothing effect on your body. It also calms down ...
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